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B.A. (Psyc), Grad. Dip (Psyc), M. Edu, M.B.A., Member of the APA (America Psychological Association), the BPS (British Psychological Society), the CPA (Canadian Psychological Association) and the APS (Australian Psychological Society),

Chantal Kayem provides an effective treatment tailored to each individual. A kind, caring and compassionate therapist, she looks forward to helping you as best she can. Somebody does care. Experienced and highly qualified, she is a leading therapist and professional coach who has been helping people for over 16 years with a variety of concerns and challenges listed below.

While believing that no one should have to live feeling overly stressed, worried, sad or angry, she also believes that everyone should go after whatever goals they feel passionate about. Chantal is passionate about helping individuals to improve their lives and to be the best that they can be.

Her focus in treatment is not only to provide a caring, non-judgemental listening ear but also to teach clients strategies that will create positive changes in their lives and make their lives more enjoyable and rewarding. It can make a world of difference to talk to someone who will understand you and/or your loved one’s experience and help to create meaningful changes and/or achieve meaningful goals in your life.

Chantal provides an effective treatment tailored to each individual. A kind, caring and compassionate therapist, she really does care and she looks forward to helping you as best she can.

If needed, she is available for a free 10-minute discussion about your current situation and how she can help you. Please complete the contact page to request this. Start living your best life by booking an appointment or by going to the contact page for a free inquiry on how Chantal can best help you.

About Chantal Kayem

Chantal Kayem is a kind, caring and compassionate psychologist who has been practicing for 16 years. Chantal Kayem believes that everyone has the ability to free themselves of stress and worry, to change their thoughts and feelings, to change their life and to be all that they can be. Consulting with a psychologist like Chantal Kayem can help you to understand and overcome you and/or your loved one’s difficulties and to lead you towards a more fulfilling and happy life.

Chantal’s focus in treatment is not only to provide a caring, non-judgemental listening ear but also to teach clients strategies that will create positive changes in their lives and make their lives more enjoyable and rewarding. It can make a world of difference to talk to someone who will understand you or your loved one’s experience and help you to create meaningful changes in your or your loved one’s life.

Chantal helps individuals with any issue that may need professional guidance including, but not limited to the following difficulties:

Anger management

Anger is an entirely normal and healthy emotion that everyone experiences at times when they feel frustrated, sad, hurt, disappointed, scared or that something is ‘unfair’.

Anxiety and panic attacks

Fear is an essential emotion to have. It is important to have that physiological state or gut feeling that tells us that something is not quite right or that warns us of a potential danger.

Child and adolescent counseling and family therapy

Parental support is crucial in helping children through difficult times. However sometimes being there and supporting your children is simply not enough.

Child behavior management & parenting skills

Raising children is the most difficult job in the world as well as the most important to do right.


Coaching provides individuals with the support and tools they need to improve their lives and reach meaningful goals.

Couples counseling

The great majority of relationships will face challenges at one time or another. And whether or not a couple will make it through those challenges greatly depends on how those difficult times are dealt with.


Depression is a condition that affects many people of all cultures and ethnicities throughout their life spans, in varying severities.

Drug and alcohol counseling

Some people can engage in substance use, have only a glass of wine with dinner or take pain relief medication only when they are in pain.

Grief and loss

Grief is a normal and natural emotion to experience following a significant loss. Significant losses can include the death of a loved one, a serious illness or the loss of a job, relationship, residence or valued possession.

Postnatal depression

Postnatal Depression (PND) is common. It affects one in seven new mothers. PND occurs following the birth of a baby. Having a baby can be a greatly joyous and exciting experience.

Relationship counseling – couples

The great majority of relationships will face challenges at one time or another.

Relationship counseling – individual

Relationships of all types are not always easy be it of romantic partners, friendships, family or work colleagues. Every relationship in life can have its unique challenges.

Self Esteem

A healthy self-esteem is a critical part of good psychological health and a happy life. A person with a good self-esteem can feel good about themselves, express themselves confidently and strive for what they are capable of.


Self-harm is the intentional and deliberate hurting of oneself that is most commonly done by cutting or picking at skin as well as by burning, hitting or otherwise physically causing bodily harm.

Stress including work stress

Stress seems inevitable particularly nowadays. With the increased expectations for us to succeed at work, home, in relationships etc. essentially in all that we do, how can we not get stressed?

Client Testimonials

Thanks to clients’ reviews, testimonials, and comments

Terri | Client

Chantal has been instrumental in helping me adjust to major difficulties and changes in my life. I would never have thought that life would have changed so positively prior to seeing Chantal. My world is a much brighter place because of Chantal. Thank you.

Christine | Client

I had a really positive experience working through some of my life’s current challenges with Chantal.

Anna | Client

Chantal has made a great change in my life. I went to her, because I was experiencing anxiety attacks. Through her guidance, I have managed to handle my problems and be happier. She is an excellent professional and at the same time she makes you feel comfortable enough, to tell her everything you think about. I’m more than grateful for the help she’s given me

S J | Client

What makes Chantal such an excellent therapist, besides her empathy and genuineness, is her ability to zero in on the heart of your problem. I hadn’t realized I had such a issue with negative, snide self-deprecation, and it took someone sharp, objective and obviously listening very closely to pick that up. I love that her challenges to me were so simple but so highly effective, things I hadn’t realized would make such a huge difference but did. Thanks so much, Chantal, I feel a lot better equipped to deal with both the major and the minor crises 🙂

Vania | Client

Chantal has given me tools that helped me understand and manage my worries, so simple but so effective at the same time. She shows genuine concern for her patients and I strongly recommend her.

SBH | Client

Chantal was really great in helping us with our son. She gave us some simple and great strategies that actually worked. We were able to see changes not long after implementing her strategies.

Donna | Client

Working through the way I approach the challenges I experience in my workplace with Chantal has helped me regain control in what was previously a very stressful environment. She helped me find ways of looking at the situation that I am confident I will be able to use when similar challenges will inevitably pop up again. Her empathy, genuineness and listening also allowed me to explore areas of loss in my life that I had not realised still had such a strong impact on me.

Jessi | Client

A definite safe space. Chantal makes sure to celebrate every achievement towards a positive headspace – no matter how small, and it makes all the difference.

Nigel | Client

Wasn’t happy to go initially but really felt it worthwhile. Took lots of positive action from the sessions.

Cait | Client

Chantal helped me when I couldnt help myself. The fact I am still here I am sure has a lot to do with her, she is kind, proffesional, dedicated and consistent. Chantal Kayem listens. I would definately see her again if I ever needed refresh with coping strategies etc. Cait B 38

Andy | Client

Chantel has been an excellent help to me, her empathy and strategies have assisted me getting through a tough time in my life. She shows true compassion and not only listens but provides meaningful ways to cope with issues. Thanks Chantel for your support

Tessa | Client

After only a few sessions with Chantal I was able to shift my thought process and look at things from a different perspective. Chantal was very authentic, which allowed me to speak honestly and openly during our sessions.

Vicki | Client

I’m very satisfied with Chantal’s ability to provide genuine help and empathy. It has been immensely comforting and supportive to my wellbeing.

Jillian | Client

Chantal was referred to me by my GP. Through her guidance, care, compassion and knowledge I was able to share both work and personal issues I was finding extremely difficult to process. During my many consultation visits with Chantal we were able to work together and build foundations and tailor strategies to suit my problems. Chantal helped me to free myself from anxiety, stress and I thank her for guiding me through this time towards a better place, the place where I am now. J 60

Nic | Client

Chantel and I have been working through marriage issues, parental problems and dealing with stress. Chantel is very thorough and quite easy to talk too and help solve issues your own way.

Fabienne | Client

Great experience with Chantal, very helpful and a genuine , proffessional, lovely person to work with. Would highly recommend.

Joe | Client

Joe 43 helped me understand I need to be kinder to me, was my light at the end of the tunnel.

Amanda | Client

Chantal was able to assist me in a very stressful time in my life and give me helpful tools to apply which I still go back and use. I was able to see situations differently and rationalise my thoughts.

Roslyn | Client

Chantel has made an incredible positive change in my life.

Alicia | Client

She really helps

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Struggling with depression or anxiety? Feeling troubled unclear or troubled? Chantal Kayem can offer you affordable therapy that will be an anchor to help you refocus, reassess and slow down. Get solo clinical and online psychological practice for family, individual, and couples. Chantal Kayem has been rated as the Best Psychologist near me in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Houston by her customers. She believes in inspiring and empowering people to make those the major changes in their lives by focusing on their resilience and strengths. With years of experience in working with individuals who are suffering from anxiety, feelings of being stuck or depression, I guarantee you the best assistance.

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